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Photo of James and Jade Heine, founders of Bremer Brewing Company in Waverly, Iowa, standing in front of large brewing tanks. They are smiling and appear proud, showcasing the equipment where their beer is brewed.



Bremer Brewing Company Logo Variation

In the one-stoplight town of Bremer, Iowa, zipcode 50610, James Heine began his brewing journey with a simple homebrew kit setup in their kitchen. Experimenting with different recipes, he shared his creations with friends and family, sparking a local appreciation for his craft. This passion and support laid the foundation for what would become one of Bremer Brewing Company's flagship brews, "5-0-6-1-0."

Bremer Brewing Original Home Brew Kit


James' passion for brewing grew, and he sought to immerse himself in the industry. James took positions at a few breweries in the area bartending and serving. He continued brewing out of his garage and began to share his dreams of opening his own brewery alongside his wife, Jade. Their shared vision and determination began to shape the future of Bremer Brewing Company.

The original one-gallon kitchen home brew system from 2017 (left) and our "upgraded" 5-gallon system (right) from our 2019 garage brewing days.


With a clear vision and the support of friends and family, the idea for Bremer Brewing Company was born. In 2021, James and Jade found the perfect location in the heart of town, renovating the former Waterstreet Grill. Combining two buildings into one, they created a welcoming space that is now known as Bremer Brewing Company. The transformation marked a significant milestone in their journey, bringing this crazy dream to life. 

Bremer Brewing Company officially opened doors on November 11, 2021.

Bremer Brewing Exterior Waverly Iowa


Today, Bremer Brewing Company is a thriving brewery, expanding reach and getting into distribution. Our beers are on tap at many local establishments, and we are embraced by the community. Our brewery has become a hub for local events, hosting live music, trivia nights, music bingo, summer events, and offering event rental space for gatherings and celebrations. We are proud of our journey and excited for the future, continuing to brew unique and beloved beers that capture the spirit of Waverly.

Our current system is a mix of many 3.5 barrel tanks, which equates to about 100 gallons, and a few 7-barrel tanks.

Bremer Brewing beer equipment northeast iowa
Sunny outdoor patio with river view at Bremer Brewing in waverly iowa


Bring your furry friends to our patio for a pawsitively perfect time! At Bremer Brewing Company, we welcome dogs to join their owners in enjoying the fresh air, tasty brews, and a relaxed atmosphere. Whether your pup wants to lounge by your side or make new friends, our dog-friendly patio is the perfect spot for both of you to unwind and have fun. Don't forget to grab your pup a homemade pup treat from our spent grain!

102 & 104 W BREMER AVE, WAVERLY, IA 50677

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