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Saturday, June 11th

Can you run a mile?

Can you drink four 12oz beers?

If you answered yes to both of those, sign up for our beer mile to find out if you really can. Don't think you can do it? Sign up for our team relay instead!

Regardless, we promise you will have a good time! 

Race Details



    • The race will consist of a 12oz beer drank at the starting line followed by a quarter mile run (one lap around the block). This is repeated 3 times for a total of 4 beers and 4 laps (totaling 1 mile).​

    • Individual race starts at 1pm. There will be multiple waves, but all participants need to be here by 12:30pm. Please check in at the black tent located in the alley.

    • $25 registration fee, 25 individual spots available


    • First member of the relay team will drink 12oz of beer followed by running a quarter mile​ (1 lap around the block). This is then repeated by all remaining team members.

    • Team relay start at 3pm. There will also be multiple waves, but all teams need to be here by 2:30pm. Please check your team in at the black tent located in the alley.

    • $60 per team ($15 per person), 12 team spots available


    • One lap around the entire brewery block is a quarter mile. Four laps around will get you to your mile. The route will be marked with signs, cones, flags, and etc. Also feel free to check out the map below.


    • If you have to do it, please aim for one of the many trash cans set up for you around the block​

    • If you do decide to empty your stomach, a penalty time equal to your slowest lap will be added to your final time


  • Everyone must finish in 20 minutes in order to have an official time


  • All penalties and final decisions will be made by the official race directors and volunteers

  • Your 12oz beers will be a lager

  • Good Morrow Pizza Food truck will be here serving food from 12-8:30pm

  • Beer cannot be consumed outside of our patio

  • Invite all your friends to come cheer you on along the entire block. Signs and other crowd prompts are welcomed

  • Following the races, stick around for a night of fun. The Chocolate Crackers will be here playing live music from 6-9pm


    • There will be an award for the following categories..​

      • Individual Relay

        • ​Best overall time- Voucher for one free party rental upstairs  

      • Team Relay

        • Best overall team time- Voucher for one free party rental upstairs

    • All participants will receive a small gift


Recovery and Performance IV Vitamin Infusions by Essence Aesthetics and Health can also be purchased for after the race. This infusion includes vitamin C, multiple vitamin B's, amino acids, and minerals. Not only can this infusion promote a healthy immune system, increase energy, enhance metabolism, replenish nutrients, and decrease recovery time, and more- ​the additional fluids replenish fluids lost during activity and give pre-hydration before enjoying the rest of the day's festivities at Bremer Brewing! Please sign up prior to the race so we have your consent for the treatment prior to consuming any alcohol. Not doing the race? That is okay, you can still sign up for one and enjoy all the benefits.

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